I just need somewhere to go to talk about this shit or I am going to explode

whats your safe food?


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how amazing

how amazing would it be if my arms where not so big! if they did not sag, so i could wear lovely short sleeve tops

how amazing would it be if my chest was not so big, my breasts are massive, i can’t ever find clothes that fit right

my stomach is massive, it actually falls over and sits on my lap! yuk, i want it to be tight, so that when i sit down there is no fold

my back is massive, i have lots of fat rolls, :( i would love to be able to wear a nice, tight top and not have to worry about who is standing behind me. 

my legs touch.

i have a double chin

i hate this body! 


i put them in my mouth while cooking, cleaning in the kitchen to stop me eating/snacking. 

what I ate….I am a fatty!

I woke up and had a small coffee, half a slice of toast with fata cheese and zaatar

lunch with the in laws so had 3 sardines, with salad

I also had a handful of my sons crisps! I am going to work out now, but i feel horrible!

but it is only 4pm now, the last time i ate was 2pm so i have a lot of time to work it off. and if i don’t eat anymore today, then it wont be so bad….got to stay strong!

my mum is coming in 18 days and i want her to see me slim. not a fatty. 

wow, look at the space between her legs! 
i just have fat! no space 

wow, look at the space between her legs! 

i just have fat! no space 

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